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    Cannot see object when embeding generic 3d model


      I'm using CS 1.4. I'm trying to add a 3d step model to a component PCB library. This is my first time using this feature.


      I can successfully add cylinders and extrudes. I can add them, manipulate them, and view them when I switch to 3D mode.


      But I cannot embed a generic 3D step model. I try to embed a model I found from the manufacturer. When I place it I see the cross-hair marker in 2D mode and I can select it and it is listed if "Manage 3D Bodies", but cannot see it's MECH1 layer outline. And I cannot see it in 3D mode, I just see a cross-hair again. And I can kind of manipulate it if I'm careful, like to use "3D Body Placement".


      But still I see nothing. I even created my own step file with just a simple extruded rectangle that's right at the origin, and same thing, cannot see it at all in PCB library editor or PCB layout editor.


      here's a link to the manufacturer part I was trying to use, if you want to try for yourself.   https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-5747845-3.html


      Any suggestions? I can provide more details if needed. I would really like to get this working.


      Thanks in advance.


      EDIT: I added snapshots of what I'm seeing