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    HDMI In and Displayport out




      I wonder if someone has done a pipeline from HDMI in and Displayport out on the Ultrazed? No VCU, yet.


      The Avnet 2018.3 Example Design used ZCU106 TRD but stripped out hdmi as an example. What's the reason for strip out hdmi? How would the steps be applicable to with-hdmi ( I did encountered the license issue for hdmi_rx) ?


      Also, the TRD does not send to displayport so I need to redo a gstreamer pipeline.





      Liyong Z.

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          Hi there,


          As far as I know, it was not explicitly stripped out, it just was not added in.  As it has been explained to me, the Avnet port follows the Xilinx TRD, and there should be a module you can bring in to add that.

          We did not add that because it was not relevant for what we wanted to show.  The design that we have ported can take files from the SDCARD as well as a gstreamer input from a USB Webcam and loop that through the VCU.  Be mindful that on the current UltraZed-EV EVCC (Starter Kit Carrier Card) you will need to modify the kernel to get HDMI to be happy under PetaLinux.  I do not have a solution for that nor an example - for now it might be better to stick with Displayport and use an external adapter, at least to start with.


          Have you seen the latest roadtest?  If you are interested in that kind of work or doing something really interesting with this, that could be a way to show off your skills with this system as well as receive a free UltraZed-EV!