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    Altium Designer tutorial.

    Bhavik Bhansali

      I am a developer who develops various projects as per the requirement. Currently, I use Eagle to design the PCBs.but as per the market requirement and to update my skills I want to design the PCB with Altium. Is there anyone who can suggest the proper tutorial series which I can follow and learn some basic about the software. I try several available on the youtube but those are for an older version and I am not able to figure out few things.

      Guys waiting for your suggestions. I have an AD20 version.

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          If you have a license for AD then you can use the Altium forums dedicated to full AD.  I had a license once through a former employer but I no longer have login access to the forum after leaving the company.  The forum has a lot of users to ask questions of and a lot of previous questions are archived.


          This forum on Element14 is intended for CircuitStudio and not full Altium Designer.  There is some crossover information since the CAD engines are similar.  But you are better off focusing on AD based tutorials.


          There are fee based training for schematic and PCB layout for Altium Designer but it is expensive for individuals.  Your best option may be to use the free YouTube training and ask questions in the appropriate forum.


          If you have only the demonstration period license for AD then you can probably only have time to learn the basics and maybe some of the rules.