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    Adding Parts to an Integrated Library


      I have an integrated library (Resistors) to which I want to add parts. The parts are all available as separate files. I loaded the integrated library and expanded it into its component parts, getting a library project. I then added my new library files to the expanded list using "add existing document". The new part  shows up in the list. However, when I compile the library, the new part does not show up in the new integrated library, only the old parts. And yes, I am looking at the new file in "outputs". Any suggestion as to what I am doing wrong?

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          OK, you can't make this up. A couple of days ago, I had to re-install CS because all the files in the CS directory disappeared. I have no clue how that happened. However, when you are editing parts, the default window size hides the input for Component Name, which is what the Library looks for. Hence, my component names were bogus and did not show up. I enlarged the window to show ALL the entries, entered then ALL, and everything is now good.

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              Do you mean this part of the window?


              Behavior may depend on the screen resolution.  I have seen it covered over sometimes but mostly it appears by default for me.  I switch monitors a lot though and have been doing more monitor swaps now that I'm working more from home.


              I just tested this on my laptop display, which is smaller and lower resolution.  The pop up window size changes such that Library Link information gets covered but there is a right side view slider bar that appears and lets me expose the covered information.


              After I connected my external monitor back up, I dragged the component pop-up back over to the bigger monitor, closed the window and then opened up another component.  It comes up on the larger monitor but the default size is such that the Library Link is covered.  Therefore, it seems to remember the previous window size and reopens to the old size again, even on the larger monitor.


              I have noticed that the Layer Stack Manager window has problems with various screen resolutions also.  Sometimes mine ends up outside of the monitor and my mouse won't reach the edges to resize or close it.  I logged this into the forum a few years ago.


              Mystery of the multiple monitors and the missing layer stack manager