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    Capacitive Moisture Sensor and Capacitive Proximity Sensor possibility for classifying wet waste?


      Good day guys, I hope everyone's doing fine. I'm curious about the use of capacitive moisture sensor which is used for measuring the conductance of the probe with the dielectric medium. linking it to the capacitive proximity sensor which detects metal or non metal. Could there be a sensor that could be made from both sensors that could classify wet waste: biodegradable waste ( ex. leaves, wood) and non-biodegradable waste (ex. PET bottles, Styrofoam, Tincan).


      I have read that its not possible but maybe there is someone here that could find the missing piece.


      Thank You and Stay Safe Everyone



      Capacitive Moisture Sensor Link: https://www.switchdoc.com/2018/11/tutorial-capacitive-moisture-sensor-grove/


      Capacitive Proximity Sensor Link: https://automation-insights.blog/2017/06/07/what-is-a-capacitive-sensor/