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    Trying to build a Vivado bitstream for the minized+Petalinux


      Hi all,

      I am trying to find a .bsp file that will create a bitstream to use with PetaLinux.

      I tried minzed_ttc_2019_1.bsp

      When I open the project I get a number of missing vhdl modules which I found on the Avnet github site.

      However I have not been able to find a suitable minized_ttc.xdc constraints file

      the minized_petalinux.xdc file I found doesn't work because Vivado finds it impossible to route.

      Another issue I have is the block design has locked IP (the PWM module) which means I can't validate the design.

      All I am trying to do is to add some I2S support to the minized and I was hoping I could do something like


      rather than wade through a load of course material as I have used Petalinux before on a zedboard.


      I have seen other people on the forum with similar issues but I have either not understood the answers

      or the answers were not applicable.


      - Charles

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          Hi Charles,


          If you are comfortable with git and the Linux command line, you can build a known-good Vivado hardware platform and PetaLinux BSP for MiniZed using the Avnet HDL and PetaLinux git repositories.  These web links provide examples how to do this for the Ultra96-V2 board, but the steps are easily adaptable to the MiniZed.


          Avnet HDL git HOWTO

          Using Avnet Build Scripts to Build a PetaLinux BSP


          A couple of notes first:

          • The name of the Vivado build script is <>/hdl/Scripts/make_minized_ttc.tcl.
          • The name of the PetaLinux build script is <>/petalinux/scripts/make_minized_ttc_bsp.sh
          • Be sure the hdl and petalinux repositories are both checked out to the version of tools you are using.
            $ git checkout <tools version> (The scripts are current and usable up to 2019.1.  The 2019.2 scripts are being updated/developed now).





          PS - Make sure to mark this question as answered if my reply has answered your question.  Thanks!

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              Hello Tom,

              Thanks for the very useful reply for a number of reasons (as well as the Minized I also have a Zedboard and a ultra96v1 board).

              I managed to follow those instructions but when I run the make_minized_ttc.tcl Script I get the following


              [Vivado 12-172] File or Directory 'E:/VirtualBox_Share/git/avnet/hdl/Projects/minized_ttc/MINIZED_2019_1/../minized_ttc.xdc' does not exist


              Which seems to refer to the constrains file I couldn't find before. The bitstream generation obviously fails on the missing constraints

              but at least everything else completes OK.


              I am running Vivado in a Windows 10 environment and I have the petalinux tools on a VM running Ubuntu 18.04


              - Charles