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    I'm Giddy with excitement!!!!!


      Hey Guys,


      Whilst I was working today, I saw a notification come up, and checked it out, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has released its latest camera module.  I was absolutely giddy with excitement, finally a good quality camera module, all the project potential it has.


      I will be honest I was thinking of doing a PiCorder project with a RPi 4 and a 8MP module but now this new one is out, its ripe for a PiCorder project.  But been holding off with doing such a project as I could design and wire up the hardware, but I cant do the software side.


      But I'm so giddy at seeing this new module, I'm too excited to think straight right now.  Good thing I can order it direct from element14 as my normal suppliers in Australia wont have it for a few months but then again element14 Australia wont have it until July,  So I cant wait to get my hands on one


      Still so GIDDY!