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    Port registers Nano Every (ATmega4809)


      Can someone illustrate -or- point me in the right direction on how to manipulate port registers in the Nano Every (ATmega4809)?. - I'm using the Arduino IDE

      The port manipulation described here for the ATmega328p/ATmega168 works as follows and works well for me in the Arduino Pro Mini and ATmega48;

      DDRD |= B11110000; // sets ATmega digital pins 7 to 4 as Outputs
      PORTD = B10010000; // sets digital pins 7,4 HIGH 


      When I try the equivalent with the Nano Every (ATmega4809) it seems the pin mapping is completely different

      VPORTD.DIR |= B11110000;
      VPORTD.OUT = B11110000;


      I'm using bit-wise operations as my plan is to replicate the same in the Nano Every without emulation -if possible- so I can manipulate many digital/analog pins at once with one instruction (avoiding having to do it for each GPIO at a time)





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          Hi Luis,


          It should be the same, however the pins would be the Port D pins for bits 4-7, which won't necessarily be labelled D4-7 on the Arduino. For example, the port D bit 4 is labelled D20 (see the red arrows in the diagram below). So setting Port D bits 4-7 would actually set D20, D21, AREF .

          I have not got an Arduino Every so this is just based on what I'd expect to occur though.

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