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    Quarentine, not much to do. Buying an used Moto Z. Anyone still developing mods?


      Hi everyone. Long time since I'm waiting to start my moto mod project. Anyone here knows where can I find the raspberry pi Hat adapter? Searched in a lot of places, even used ones in ebay and I can't find nothing. I live in Brazil and if you heard any news about us, you probably know our president will got us killed we are heaving some political issues. So before I go mad, I will focus in something productive.


      Since I first saw the Hasselblad mod I got mysel wondering if something like the Sony QX-1 camera wouldn't make more sense. I used to work with photo edition for a studio. Cameras are usually heavy and bulky, with some exceptions. But the hability for changing your lenses are superb. Since I dropped the computer engineering school in the early years, I'm not really good designing boards. But a few weeks ago, I "discovered" the new Raspberry Pi HQ camera and Oh boy, that got my attention. It might be ingenuity of mine, but I would really love to use that in a smartphone. Actually, I would prefer adding a full frame sensor and old threaded mount lenses, since they are worldwide available and as cheap as it can be. That said, I bought an used, screen broken Moto Z. Who knows when I will be able to work on anything outdoor again? At least I got myself a lot of things to do to make it working, since I will do all the fixing at home. Last time I did something like this, it was a Nexus 5 (everything changed since then). Later in the days when moto Z was the last great thing, I did a lot of drawings about how an interchangeable lens mod should fit and look in the real world. But I got so many homes since then I probably lost all of them. Will make some more If someone here is able to give me a hand, I would really apreciate.

      Oh, And this text is much more fun if you read it as if it was Deadpool talking. Just saying.

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          Welcome and good luck with your moto mod development. The Raspberry PI Hats have been out of stock for a while now and I am not sure if there are any more being made. You might have to scour the internet to find them as they were very easy to start a prototype. If you have time and opportunity the moto mod example attachments are a great way to start and get some familiarity and the blinky example might be helpful as well.


          There are a few people with experience building prototype mods but not as many as before so it might take a while to get some help or assistance but I think learning about them is a good way to get experience.