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    How to force standard speed mode for MicroZed connected to eMMC (2018.2) ?




      I need some help:


        MicroZed onto custom carrier board

        Custom carrier has eMMC device Sandisk SDINBDG4-8G, connected to SDIO1 controller using EMIO.

        tools Vivado/Petalinux 2018.2 (started with mz7010_fmccc_2018_2.bsp)

        boot from SD-card


        eventually replacing SD boot with boot from  QSPI+eMMC(through EMIO) 

        first test:

           boot from SD card, and using u-boot mmc commands to test/verify eMMC infrastructure/accesses

      actions done:

        Vivado: enabled SDIO1, and routed SD1-EMIO signals to eMMC device onto carrier board

         connecting (EMIOSDIO1CLKFB = EMIOSDIO1CLK)

         set SDIO clock in PS configurations : 20Mhz (AR# 59999)

        booting from SD card


        boot from SD is OK

        in u-boot : 'mmc list' shows eMMC device (negociation at low speed), as well as SD device

        (Error detected in status(0x208000)!, see  log below)

        mmc info : OK , can read device info from eMMC device 

        mmc read OK

        mmc write NOK


        using Vivado HW manager: used SD Clock is still around 50Mhz

      (should go to lower/standard speed mode, e.g. <= 25Mhz, because of EMIO)


        How to force standard speed mode, for SDIO1<->EMIO<->eMMC device (Petalinux) ?

        Some changes needed in 2018.2 u-boot/linux/DT (e.g. some patches, constants, ) ?







      DRAM:  ECC disabled 1 GiB

      MMC:   sdhci_transfer_data: Error detected in status(0x208000)!

      sdhci@e0100000: 0 (SD), sdhci@e0101000: 1 (eMMC)

      ** No device specified **



      Zynq> mmc dev 1

      sdhci_transfer_data: Error detected in status(0x208000)!

      switch to partitions #0, OK

      mmc1(part 0) is current device


      Zynq> mmc info

      Device: sdhci@e0101000

      Manufacturer ID: 45

      OEM: 100

      Name: DG400

      Tran Speed: 52000000

      Rd Block Len: 512

      MMC version 5.1

      High Capacity: Yes

      Capacity: 7.3 GiB

      Bus Width: 4-bit

      Erase Group Size: 512 KiB

      HC WP Group Size: 8 MiB

      User Capacity: 7.3 GiB WRREL

      Boot Capacity: 4 MiB ENH

      RPMB Capacity: 4 MiB ENH