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    Gameboy Printer Reverse Engineer Assistance


      I'm trying to follow the episode on the Gameboy Printer. Got the downloadable code and hooked up my arduino/link cable/printer.

      The code seems to work as described, which is great.


      However, I'm finding conflicting information online about it. From what I understand Ben's code is set up to give 20x18 resolution. However, I believe the printer can actually accept 160x144 resolution. Looking in the code I think Ben is sending across info in 8x8 tiles at a time, which conveniently would explain the resolution difference.


      I've played about with the code a little and think I can get slightly better, but still not 160x144.

      The original code is set to either accept 0 or 255. 0 is white, 255 is black. This refers to each 8x8 tile, which is added all together to give a 20x18 resolution.

      255 in binary is 11111111. After testing I think each "1" is being interpreted as "black" for the individual column in the 8x8 tile. So I can get 160x18 resolution.


      I can't work out how to get each of the 8 rows to be different values within the 8x8 tile.


      Furthermore, I think the printer can actually take 4 different values to print: white, light grey, dark grey or black. I've not found a way to get that in Ben's code.



      Has anyone experimented with this? Any ideas on how to get the full 160x144 resolution with 4 scale grey tone?