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    fpga programming using Ubuntu 18.04




      I am testing a mini-itx board with Ubuntu 18.04 host OS.


      The tests with builtin software went ok. However, when i try to program the FPGA via this module



      The USB device is not even recognized. I checked with 'dmesg' command. Nothing changes when i plug the usb in or out.


      It seems that there are 2 possibilities:

      1) there is a special device driver for https://store.digilentinc.com/jtag-smt2-surface-mount-programming-module/

      2) there is some jumper to allow jtag programming that I am missing.


      Reading the manual, I see that SW7[1] enables the JTAG Cascaded. I switched this on and off and nothing changes. The USB port is not recognized.


      So, what is necessary to have the USB JTAG working on Linux ?


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