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    Upgrading Ultra96-v2 Pmic & Heat sink


      I picked up an Ultra96-v2 in May last year, and really enjoy it. However, there's two things that have popped up that I'm hoping someone will be able to answer.


      First, it sounds a bit petty, but the one thing that always discourages me from using it is the volume and pitch of the fan sound.

      I saw there was a recent hardware revision that solves this problem by replacing the fan with a heat sink, and I'm wondering if there's any way to purchase the new heat sink myself or send the device in for an "upgrade"?

      So far I've mitigated this by including some level of fan control in my projects, but it's a hassle to say the least.


      The other question is in regards to the Pmic issue. With the recent DPU work being done, I've been looking at pushing what the board can do. My understanding is that there's a 195Mhz clock limit unless the Pmic is upgraded.

      Unfortunately, this seems to require an IR dongle. I'm wondering if there's any other way to go about this?



      Ultimately, this is a hobby for me. I can understand if there's nothing that can be done, but I figure there's no harm in asking.