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    Bringing Low Power, High Performance Audio and Voice to Market on the i.MX RT600 Crossover MCU

    Peggy B

      About This Course

      In this session, learn how DSP Concept's Audioweaver tools and libraries can unleash the performance of NXP's new i.MX RT600 MCU, allowing audio designers to implement designs quickly from the algorithm level.


      Training Outline:

      • NXP's i.MXRT600
        • NXP's scalable edge processing portfolio.
        • i.MX RT600.
      • DSP Concepts
        • Who we are.
        • Main Audio weaver functionality.
        • TalkTo.
      • Weaver Demonstrations
        • Test setup.
        • Audio weaver live demonstration.
      • Q&A


      What You Will Learn

      • Easily integrate and create advanced audio featured in DSPs Audioweaver designer.
      • Meet DSP´s TalkTo to deploy voice control on MCUs.
      • Implement an audio feature in i.MX RT600 using Audioweaver.


      Watch the video here