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    Step export produces empty file




      I've finished a PCB and I'm generating the outputs.


      Every component has its 3D model and the 3D view on Circuitstudio look great.


      However, I'm not able to export the model as step to be able to import it on a CAD software.


      I generated it through Outputs - Export Step, but it produces an empty file of around 9Mb (tested with Freecad and with Autodesk Viewer).


      Am I doing anything wrong?


      My version of Circuitstudio is 1.4.1.


      Thank you.

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          Your file size seems large enough that there should be something there.


          Some things to try:


          Look at the exported step file in a text editor. There should be a bunch of text you can read.


          Import the step model into CS as a free 3D body (use the search window and type place 3D and you should have options to select from.


          Use the Project > Generate Outputs method instead of the Outputs > Export Step method.  They should be the same but maybe it will behave differently. You can also try to export to 3D PDF there and see how it behaves in a 3D PDF viewer.


          When in PCB view, make sure all layers are visible on the layer manager setup screen.

          BTW: I have a newer version so I cannot test on your older version to see if there might be an issue related to version.

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              Thank you for your suggestions.


              Reading the file with a text editor seems ok, there are like 197.000 lines.


              I tried to import the step file on Circuitstudio but it doesn't appear anything after import.


              I tried to export a new empty PCB and it worked ok.


              Maybe it's a too complex model for CS? Or a 3d model of some component is damaging the step file?


              Anyways, can I send the PCB file to some official support so they can check it? (it would be a serious pain if it can't be exported after all the work...)


              Thank you.