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    How different is PYNQ Z2 from Z1. ?

    Navadeep Ganesh U

      What are the basic differences between PYNQ Z1 and Z2?

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          Hi Navadeep,


          I would suggest that you read through this link:

          PYNQ - Python productivity for Zynq - Board


          What are the differences between the PYNQ-Z1 and PYNQ-Z2 boards?


          The PYNQ-Z1 and PYNQ-Z2 boards share a number of similarities. They both have a Zynq 7020, 512MB DDR, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, USB, SD card boot.

          The main differences are the expansion headers, and the audio systems.

          The PYNQ-Z1 has 2 Pmods, an Arduino header, and ChipKit header. The PYNQ-Z2 also has 2 Pmods, and an Arduino header, but replaces the ChipKit header with a 40-pin Raspberry Pi header. (Note the Raspberry Pi header has 26 data pins connected to the PL. 8 of these pins are shared with Pmod A).

          The PYNQ-Z1 has an integrated MIC with PWM input, and mono PDM audio out. The PYNQ-Z2 has a full ADI audio codec with Headphones out, Mic, and line in.

          The boards also have slightly different dimensions.


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