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    Looking for 5 People to Experiment with Thermocouple/RTD Connectors


      What's the best way to connect a Thermocouple or an RTD probe to a printed circuit board (PCB). I was asked that question during a call I had with a supplier who manufactures thermocouple and RTD probes, among other things.


      It's not a question I am asked frequently. Hmm, good question: soldering, connectors, terminal blocks, etc.


      At then end of that informative call, they decided to give me some of their new surface mounted Thermocouple/RTD probe connectors to give out to some interested members to experiment with.


      Who I am Looking for

      Anyone can apply by offering a comment below and tell me something about what you had in mind. I think if you were working on a temperature control/monitoring system and were using and connecting thermocouples/RTDs you would be great for this little project. But anyone who has a mind to experiment with these connectors is invited to offer their idea. I will send you some of the connectors to you.


      I will send you some of these connectors. I'd like you to examine them, experiment with these connectors, and then write a blog on element14.


      Randall Scasny

      --element14 Team



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