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    Pre Requisites to Start Working on MicroZed Board


      Hi Members,

                     I would like to know the Pre requisites to start working on MicroZed Board.

      1) Micro Zed Board 2) Micro USB Cable, 3).4GB MicroSD Card, 4) SD Card Adapter 5)Getting Started Manual and Vivaldo License.


      I would also Like to know the Shipping Items to be checked supplied with Zed Board.


      Thanks and Regards,


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          Are you talking about MicroZed or ZedBoard? They are two different boards.


          In regards to the MicroZed, you need to specify if you are purchasing the Eval Kit or the SOM versions. If it is one of the SOM versions, then all you get is the board as that is intended for people purchasing >1 units to install in their products where they don't need all the extra stuff.


          If you want the extra stuff, then purchase the Eval Kit version, AES-Z7MB-7Z010-G.


          As shown on the product page http://avnet.me/microzed, the Eval Kit includes:

          • MicroZed board
          • Micro USB cable
          • 8 GB μSD card
          • Getting Started Card


          The Xilinx tools must be downloaded and licensed, but the license is free for the 7010 and 7020. In terms of Getting Started, I suggest you start with the MicroZed Getting Started Guide found here: MicroZed-Getting-Started-Guide