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    Degree of climbing



      Am designing a bot , basically which will be moving on the smooth surface (as glass).

      The total weight of the bot is around 7kg to 9 kg.

      Am i wana use 2 motors.

      Climbing angle 0 to 40 degree

      Please let me know about which type of motor is should use, what should be the torque, speed etc.,


      Please guide me if you have got better solutions

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          At 40 degrees it takes about 5.8 kg to lift a 9 kg bot, which is 57 N.

          To calculate the torque, multiply by the radius of your drive wheel or drive gear.

          Add 10% to 20% for friction losses in your drive train.

          Divide by the number of drive motors.

          Add a safety factor.

          You can calculate speed by how fast the circumference of your drive wheel is moving at this torque.

          Note, you will need a pretty good coefficient of friction on your drive wheel to avoid slipping  on a 40 degree slope.

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            You will also have to build so that your robot's center of gravity stays within the wheel base at the angle of the incline.



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