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    Powering the next generation of ML/AI, voice and audio applications

    Peggy B

      The i.MX RT600 is a crossover MCU family optimized for 32-bit immersive audio playback and voice user interface applications combining a high-performance Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi 4 audio DSP core with a next-generation Cortex-M33 core. The i.MX RT600 family of crossover MCUs is designed to unlock the potential of voice-assisted end nodes with a secure, power-optimized embedded processor.

      The i.MX RT600 family provides up to 4.5MB of on-chip SRAM and several high-bandwidth interfaces to access off-chip flash, including an Octal/Quad SPI interface with an on-the-fly decryption engine. In addition, the family offers a rich set of peripherals, EdgeLock 400A security* and extremely low-power consumption with reduced power modes and fast wake-up times.

      *A device that incorporates EdgeLock 400A security supports several on-chip security capabilities and is built on a foundation of secure boot, secure debug, and secure life cycle management designed to resist remote and local software attacks.


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