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    Software Controled Multiplexer of EMMC and MIO pins


      i am using Picozed 7030. The bank 500 MIO pins (MIO 0 and 9-15) are multiplexed with the on-board EMMC device

      There is a multiplexer between the two uses - MIO or EMMC - which is connected by default to MIO 0 so it can be activated by SW.

      My intention is to use part of the pins as I2C, and use the EMMC only in boot time.

      The question is, how do I tell the PS that there are two uses to the same pins.

      In the "peripheral IO pins" page in Vivado only one use of each MIO pin is allowed.

      If anyone has experience in utilizing this option and can explain how it is done it would be a great help.