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    Any use for older model Raspberry Pi(s)?


      I have a few Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 Model B V1.1.  I will trade them for other interesting stuff.


      Other dev boards available:


      -Odroid with display and battery

      -Beaglebone Black

      -Microchip multimedia board

      -Hexiwear boards

      -Edison "stuff"


      Too many projects.....too little time....

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          I’ll second the “what can I use it for” question. I’ve also got a couple older ones including a model B from the first run 7 years ago. I may keep that for posterity. I’ve thought about donating them since any computer beats no computer to those without.

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            Vimarsh ‍

            Just run Pi-Hole on an Old Raspberry Pi board to block internet ADs in your entire network


            Make a NAS (though it will be slower than Pi4)


            A data logging platform (use influxDB, Grafana, Nodered, Mosquitto MQTT) - you can also port forward your board to access all of it over the internet


            A web server


            These were some uses I came up with because I used my old boards for this.


            Another Idea-

            Just make a Home media center to stream content (you can install Android also - i guess) or some OS on the board and connect it to your TV. No need to buy Chromecast ot anything. [I have never tried it though]

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              I'm running a home automation system on a Pi 2. Good thing of the older Pi's is hat they are much less power hungry than the 3 and 4 and also disipate less heat, which is good for a system that is always on.

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