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    1st 3d printed house

    Jan Cumps



      First 3d printed house with 2 levels. Westerlo, Belgium.


      image source: still from the video below at vrtnws.be



      Wereldprimeur: eerste volwaardige 3D-geprinte huis is opgeleverd in Westerlo | VRT NWS: nieuws


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          I think I have seen videos from building some houses from China before. As a proof of concept, it looks OK.


          I am interested in building a house some day. However, I don't think this technology will anyhow help in building a small house (in the nearest future). I have seen a cost breakdown for a house and I can't find the picture, but if I remember it correctly, it is about 1/3 of the cost for the material and 2/3 for the workers, transport etc.


          Let's consider a smaller 1 level house. If you have the baseplate for the house, you can build it from blocks in let's say 3-5 days. This applies both for a house build from blocks of today's "modern wooden" houses from OSBs. However, the amount of work needed to finish the house is roughly equal for both types of the house. (By the way. you end up with a completely different durability and lifetime of the whole structure.)


          It is a bit different for a house built from concrete blocks, that are just transported and assembled in one afternoon even for a 2 level house.


          However, this concrete 3D printing will always be sensitive to leveling of the machine etc. (the same way as a usual 3D printer) and you end up with incredibly ugly and unusable walls of the house. How much time and money needs to be invested to make it smooth enough so you don't tear your clothes etc. when slightly accidentally scratching it ?


          In my opinion, the only way to make house building more available is to find a way to build the house not only quickly, but also with least amount of "finishing work" as possible. The customers will ultimately decide whether they are OK with these kinds of walls.