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    Bluetooth issue on Ultra96 V2 board (hci0 command 0x1001 tx timeout)




      I am trying to bring up the bluetooth on the ultra96 V2 board.


      We have tried oob image (http://avnet.me/ultra96-v2-oob) and PYNQ (http://avnet.me/ultra96v2-pynq-image-v2.5) images, and here is the findings:



      When it is not working we see this UART time out message

      > Bluetooth: hci0 command 0x1001 tx timeout


      I found that only working case is without fpga image loaded (no bit file download, which is PYNQ image) and use FSBL (first stage boot loader) and U-boot from PYNQ, the rest, kernel/dtb/rfs are not related.


      Here are my questions?

      • can you confirm that if Bluetooth is working with official oob image, Ultra96 oob image http://avnet.me/ultra96-v2-oob , on Ultra96 v2 board?
      • do you have any workaround or fix for this issue (provided that you confirmed this issue on Ultar96 v2 board)?


      Thank you very much,