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    IoT: Ask a Question and Get an Answer


      Internet of Things is the most popular topic for discussions, projects, design challenges an everything else on the element14 community. It is a interdisciplinary technology that spans, sensors, MCUs, wireless and wired connectivity, software, security, privacy, networking ... and the list goes on and on. IoT products and solutions are finding their way into the home, the office, and the industrial environment. And it's only going to grow in numbers and complexity.


      That's why we decided to create here "IoT Central Q&A," so element14 members have a place to get their IOT questions answered. We have invited Avnet's IOT Services and Witekio's (part of Avnet) IoT software group to help.


      How does this work?


      Just hit REPLY and ask your question. (If it is an involved question, you might want to give some context so our experts fully understand what you are doing and what problem you are asking about.)

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          Dear professionals,

          I write to you as a novice of the profession and currently in the midst of an IoT competition. I wanted to get perspective and direction from you as I am currently spinning my wheels with no one to call upon for answers. I will explain what I know and what were are trying to do, followed by what I wish to find out. We want to create a prototype for a food delivery drone. We have a TI EXP432P401R board that will be attached to a drone ( Currently just a prefab drone but later on if we continue the project it will be all custom) that we want to communicate with a remote server hosted on Azure. The only two requirements are that we use Azure and TI boards. We can add what we please. We want this to operate like uber eats, where you place your order and can see live updates on where it is. To me that means the TI board will use the sensor suite they gave us to send telemetry about position. This info will go to the azure server where it will be processed and sent back to customers. Alot of what I don't know is the coding aspect. I've never worked with MQTT which seems to be the protocol that TI boards use to communicate with. We are also having issues with getting the board to communicate with Azure. I have not been able to find helpful tutorials yet so if anyone could help that'd be great.