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    We'll Miss you, Grant

    Christopher Stanton

      Grant Imahara's very much an Engineer, Maker, and inspiration to many of us and like the majority of us. Even his personal workbench looked little different to what I've seen from many members of the Community.


      Many will remember him by his involvement in Mythbusters, others for his escapades in a fan made Star Trek series.


      His passing is a sad and sore time for many of us here at the element14 Community.



      GNU Grant Imahara.

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          He definitely did some cool work on Mythbusters. I'm not sure how I missed the White Rabbit Project, but may have to try to catch up on that.

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            Dudley Nelson

            This affected me a lot more than I thought it would. It might be because he was only a year older than me!


            But I loved Mythbusters, and I thought he brought a real energy and enthusiasm to everything he did, and that enthusiasm was really infectious. I particularly loved his love of decapitating robots, which I am amazed to find I cannot see on Youtube.


            I find myself wondering how many of the upcoming generation of engineers will point at shows like Mythbusters or Battlebots (which Grant was also involved in) as their first real exposure to the industry, and people like Grant were great ambassadors for showing the fun that could be had.

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              Recently a client of mine worked over the phone with Grant to help solve an issue that one of his customers was having.  Grant was really excited to help out and was very interested in the product (DMX controlled, Animatronic skull).  My client was looking to connect further with Grant and was producing a skull setup for him in exchange for a possible endorsement.  My client was so excited to tell about his experience working Grant.


              I was a huge fan of the Mythbusters (and Battlebots).  Once, when I working at a company in the San Francisco Bay Area (Dublin), we heard several unexpected loud explosions nearby.  It turn out to be during the filming of a Mythbusters show where they were testing the carnage potential of different types of cannonballs.  This was quite the story, as one of the cannonballs accidentally flow further than expected and hit a house (and a mini van and roadway).  Had we know at the time, I am sure that the whole work crew would have been up for a quick roadtrip to see the excitement.


              Grant will be missed.  As a background character on Mythbusters, he developed a huge following.  Hi engineering skill and dynamic personality made him an absolute joy to watch.

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                Yes, he was a great inspiration to many would be engineers.


                It just goes to show you that tomorrow is promised to no one.



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                  This is too sad.  I was super bummed when they cancelled the Build Team on Mythbusters.  Watching his progression from BattleBots to Mythbusters was the Engineer's/Tinkerer's dream.  He made a positive impact on many of us.

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                    Definitely a sad thing to hear that Grant Imahara had passed away suddenly. I did see the news on the day it came out, and I felt it to be quite unfortunate as I had always enjoyed his work on Mythbusters. Having the chance to watch the video in full today really made it feel real. I don't think I've ever heard Adam Savage sound so affected ... so down. A difficult year for him indeed. The contrast is amazing - he's normally ever-the-jolly character. Definitely a fitting conversation to have, especially in the time of COVID-enforced isolation.


                    Adam's reminder was really poignant - "Just tell the people you love that you love them ... everybody, just do that. Tell them how important they are to you, tell them something that they gave you that was really special. I can't stress that enough. That has just been the most prevailing feeling I've had. It's like ... gratitude. Gratitude for the people and the love and the family and the friends that we have and it's really really important to demonstrate that."


                    - Gough