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    Solar Orbiter


      It’s pretty impressive and I’m looking forward to some cracking images.  I’m also surprised they can get it so close:


      The Sun's emissions have profound impacts at Earth that go far beyond just providing light and warmth.

      Often, they are disruptive; outbursts of charged particles with their entrained magnetic fields will trip electronics on satellites and degrade radio communications.


      I wonder how many cheeks were sucked by the engineers when the idea was first mooted.  Even after 50-60 years, space research is still exciting (at least to me.)

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          Hi Andrew,


          Did you get a look at the comet Neowise. It has been visible here in Wisconsin the last couple nights. It was better than I anticipated. I was able to get a picture with the cell phone much to my surprise.




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              That's pretty amazing.  It’s been too cloudy here unfortunately but it’s supposed to better this weekend and it’s higher in the sky, in the Great Bear constellation.

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                For a moment there I thought you had taken a picture of tarmac with some chalk scrawl.... (sorry couldn't resist). Yes, that's very impressive not only to capture it but to see this comet with your own eyes. I recall seeing the Hale-Bopp comet in 1997 while supporting a friend complete a 125 mile canoe race (DW Canoe Race). It was in the wee hours of the morning, freezing cold and was wondering why I'm standing beside a river, then I looked up and there was the Hale-Bopp comet up in the clear dark sky. It was crystal clear. Magical.

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