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    What Would You Do with the K4 Drive System Development Kit?


      Ever so often I get a chance to offer to the element14 community a real jewel of a development kit. I think the K4 Drive System Development Kit by ebm-papst is one of those kinds of kits. Let me tell you a few things about it.


      Let me start with a picture:

      K4 Drive System Development Kit

      Here's what's in the kit:

      • K4 Switch Box

      • ECI-63.40 or VDC-3-49.15 Motor (-002 and -003 kit versions only)

      • RS485 adapter

      • RS485 adapter driver download CD

      • USB-A to USB-B cable

      • RS485 connection wires


      What can you do with it:

      In a nutshell, BLDC motor drive development. You get a motor with gearbox and a switchbox for some serious exploration of this drive system kit.!


      Here's a few facts about the K4 Switch box:

      k4 switch box

      The motor supply terminals are the power input to the motor and the DC to DC converter in the box that generates

      24V logic power for the motor’s electronics. Red is positive, black is negative (ground).

      • The motor and logic fuses protect the motor from an over current in the event too much power is drawn.

      • The motor connector port provides the electrical contact between the Switch Box outputs and the motor inputs.

      • The RS485 terminals are the inputs for communication between the motor and a computer via the USB to RS485

      adapter included in the kit.

      • The readout terminals are meant to allow for monitoring different voltages and provide feedback from the motor.

      • The input switches control the digital 24V signals to the motor, which enable and control motor operation. The

      switches have 3 positions: Up is toggle-on, middle is off, down is momentary-on.

      • The 0-10V analog dial controls the analog voltage signal generated by the Switch Box and read by the motor. This

      is usually used as a speed control signal.


      What would you build with it:

      On the serious side, any kind of high performance, position, torque or motor drive application. But, this is element14, let's get creative! Take a look at this cute video and see what one clever engineer did to automate the pouring of his cup of tea. Of course, he used the K4 Drive System Development Kit



      Are you interesting in obtaining this kit?


      Reply to this discussion and tell me what you would do with it



      P.S. here's the user manual to read and review.