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    DisplayPort SDK


      I'm trying to implement a bare metal design of the Displayport using Ultrazed EV using live video for the PL side.

      The Ultrazed EV uses a single lane for the Displayport so I followed the mods suggested here by Xilinx:





      However it still does not work.



      I'm using this active Displaypor to HDMI adapter.




      The SDK app was based on the code for Ultra96 from Adam Taylor with the proper modifications for the number of lanes.


      Is there any example from Avnet for Displayport?

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          I'm sure I've seen someone mention that they had problems using Display Port to HDMI rather than using a monitor that supported Display Port. (It was probably Ralph's road test, but I can't find it right now.)

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            DisplayPort<->HDMI adapters are notoriously finicky.  The key for Ultra96 and UltraZed is to make sure it is an "active" adapter.  Many are not, and those are known to not work.  We recommend this adapter from AbleConn:

            We do not have a bare-metal DisplayPort reference design for the UltraZed-EV.  Instead I suggest using the posted PetaLinux BSP.  Though not bare-metal, this can be used to validate your DP<->HDMI adapter is working.  The included Vivado hardware platform can also be used to validate the PS configuration settings for the clocking and DP xcvrs.



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                Hi there,


                I believe that I've used that same adapter on the UItraZed-EV.  However, as Tom mentioned, the Adapters can be very...finicky.  I've personally never seen an Active Adapter NOT work, but I cannot say that I have looked at "all" of them!


                Here is a suggestion, try booting up with the boot.bin from the Blog that is linked off of this Blog (blog-ception?) and that should get everything setup.  This will test that your DisplayPort and adapter are 100%.

                UltraZED-EV + IO Carrier Card VCU Design Example (v2018.3)

                As part of that second blog, Jason explains everything about how to bring up the display on the UltraZed-EV.  You might pickup what is missing from your design by referencing that one.


                I'm not sure what Ultra96 design of Adam's you are working with, but it might be easier to design your blend starting with Jason's efforts and merging in Adam's (if necessary - I can't tell if you are using that as a jumping off point or you wanted to run that "application" but on -EV hardware).


                There is also a 2019.2 version, but I have not personally used that:




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                    Hi there Daniel,


                    I uploaded the current version of the code:



                    The Adam Taylor git repo I was referring is for Ultra96 so there are differences:



                    Regarding the VCU , I'm aware of that but I wanted to try something new, not just replicate Jason's project. However I plan to integrate the VCU on PYNQ later. I used the same commands to test the display though.


                    I tested with with a Linux version from Albertabeef (Hackster project) and I see the monitor gets detected but there's no picture. I'll try another HDMI monitor and provide an update by next week when I post the review.


                    Interestingly there are no HDMI TX SDK samples either so I'll give that a try also.

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                        Hi there,


                        I understand what you mean regarding the VCU. The First part of my reply was just to suggest, you can use a known working boot.bin to validate your hardware / monitor.  Jason's design includes a test pattern application that does not use the VCU.  It just fills the video buffers with data for display.  There are some monitors as well as adapters that are incompatible with Xilinx hardware.  You can download his boot.bin, image.ub, then run through Jason's instructions to run the test pattern.  Once you get the test pattern up, you can know your hardware is good and then move back to your design.  I do not think you would have to take this beyond that (to the VCU). 


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                      Hello Tom,


                      The link you posted is a mini_Display port cable. I have one and it works OK with Ultra96V1.

                      I think the issue is with the SDK firmware at the moment. Still troubleshooting.