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    Advance your IoT Security | Part 1 - Protected Keys on Broad-Market MCUs

    Peggy B

      About This Course

      For the IoT edge device, the cryptographic keys used to perform the services such as encrypted boot, onboarding and over the air updates are critical components that must be protected. Chip level hardware protected keys are the standard for achieving strong security protection for embedded designs. This session will define what a hardware protected key is and show several examples of how these keys are realized on NXP processors. The i.MX RT 1050 family of devices will be used as a real world example of how Intrinsic ID Broadkey® SRAM based PUF can advance your IoT Security.


      Training Outline

      • System Level View of Addressing IoT Security
      • Hardware Protected Keys
      • SRAM PUF Technology
      • Implementing SRAM PUF on the i.MX RT1050 EVK
      • Conclusions


      What You Will Learn

      • Challenges faced by IoT technologies and hardware solutions offered by NXP.


      Watch the video here