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    General RoadTest form question


      Soo, I'm not entirely sure whether this is the correct place for this, but I've been enrolling to roadtests left and right and I have a bit of feedback on the form structure in general. (if it was the content of the roadtest specifically, I'd put it in the board for the test..)


      Specifically, 2 drop-down boxes that, if one asks me, is missing option's I'd expect there.


      1. The first drop-down question I have feedback on: "How familiar are you with the technology" has options 'beginner' 'very experienced' and 'expert'. Putting aside that more complex combinations (like embedded hardware, software with components like security, cloud and (other) protocols) is rather more dimensional, It feels like it's missing something like 'moderately experienced' or at least 'experienced'. To me 'beginner' means 'I have no experience with the tech, and will commit my RoadTest experience to studying this tech, using the kit as educational platfrom. (Which is a valid path to take, don't get me wrong!) 'very experienced', in my opinion, is way further down the road, meaning "I'm intimately familiar with the brand, type of kit, technology behind it and like to compare all my experiences I have with that, with this new kit." This too is a valid and useful roadtest, but isn't it true there is also a step between that? Experienced could mean "I'm comforatble with the concept of dev-boards, electronics in general and using utilities / libraries'. I'd like to mess around with this kit.
      2. "Where or how did you earn this experience": I think it's funny that, on a community frequented by enthousiasts and hobbyists, hobbyist experience doesn't seem to be an option. Closest I gather is that 'Research' is the valid option?


      Anyway, just my 2 cents. To be honest I haven't actively scanned the forums / boards to see if this was raised earlier, but I was wondering: What's the general opinion on this?



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          In general, anything RoadTest admin related should be addressed to Randall (rscasny).


          I'm not sure how much of a bearing those selections have regarding your probability of selection, but I think you can't cover every conceivable possibility with the dropdowns, so perhaps picking whatever is closest (use your best judgement) and elaborating more in the application free-form text is the best way. I've never paid too much thought to the drop-downs and depending on the RoadTest, sometimes my selections will flip-flop between a few options being caught "in the middle".


          - Gough

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              I sought of see what you're saying Gough, but I had exactly the same questions with the same thoughts when completing my last roadtest application.  I did elaborate in the application, as you suggest, but there is a bit of a gulf between "Beginner" and "Very Experienced", not so much between "Very Experienced" and "Expert".  People react very differently to these kinds of questions, from "meh, whatevs..." to "OMG I don't fit any" - personally, I agonised for some time but not quite the "OMG" reaction.


              I think it's good feedback and I kept meaning to raise the same discussion but kept forgetting.