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    Raspberry Pi gpio output doesn't work


      I am trying to create a simple blinking led application using Pi 3 model A+.



      After some experiments it turns out that for some reason I not able to bring any gpio pin to High state.


      I have tried both C, Python and gpio script to turn pin to High, but it doesn't work. I have tested both with the led and with "gpio readall", but all output are always 0.


      What I did managed to change is to change the mode of the pins from Input to Output. It always worked without any problem.


      Any idea what can be a reason for the problems with outputs? I just started experimenting with gpio, so  I don't think I could burn it already and I did only resistance + led tests. Also constant 3v and 5v pins work properly, so I still hope that it gpio is functional.


      Any ideas are very welcome,


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          Hi Lev,


          There's not enough information to be sure (and a photo and code can help!), but if I had to guess, if you think the code is fine, then there's a chance it could be one of these things:

          * Incorrect pin is being connected to the LED (the GPIO numbering doesn't map 1:1 with the physical connector numbering)

          * If you're using jumper wires there's a possibility the wire could be faulty (some have been known to have the conductor cut and just hanging on by the plastic insulation being crimped).

          * Incorrect orientation of the LED (can be tested first by trying to connect it to the 3.3V output on the connector, via a resistor).


          There's a photo how to connect an LED and test the output, here:

          Raspberry Pi GPIO Explained

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              Thanks a lot Shabaz,


              Right, the wiring is not trivial and for this reason I have mainly used output of gpio in hope to see that output will turn to 1. But while I was able to see it changing from Input to Output, I couldn't make Output to change to 1.


              Unfortunately, now the pi doesn't boot anymore. Only power led is on when I power it. I have tried to reformat the memory card, but it doesn't help


              Not sure how it could happen as I used only led with a 300om resistance and played a bit with gpio setup.

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              Did you try to use wiringPi  liberary to drive GPIO on Raspberry Pi?

              You may need to remove the wiringPi package and reinstall the latest one.

              # remove the old one.

              sudo apt -y purge wiringpi
              hash -r

              # Download new one and install it.

              cd /tmp
              wget https://project-downloads.drogon.net/wiringpi-latest.deb
              sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb

              # check it out.

              gpio readall
              gpio -v

              if you see this. means it works properly.

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                seems like your Pi is dead... if you reflash the TF card and it still not working, you may check the PMIC and the Pi may dead.