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    Tags function issue/change request to list all content with a tag




      Just noticed a small issue, maybe not a bug, but can be confusing.

      In Open Source Hardware -> Blogs, michaelkellett 's blog ARMP Input Amplifier has a tag, named armp.


      However, clicking on that tag reveals only one piece of content, when there is more content with the same tag.

      The fault seems to be that clicking on the tag navigates to this URL:



      whereas it should (maybe) navigate to:




      I feel a user clicking on a tag is likely looking for any content based on the tag, but not 100% sure.



      EDIT: re-thinking, there are benefits and disadvantages of both ways. When following blog series, I would want the tag to only show blogs I guess : ( but that's more like use/misuse of the tags as a sort of table of contents in that case.

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