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    picozed sdr: reboot fails when boot from qspi




      We are trying to boot from the qspi nor (32MB) that is embedded on the picozed. When we have por the image is loaded correctly.

      After that, we are using the whole 32MB of the flash.

      When software reset is performed, than the boot rom can't find the fsbl because it looks for it in the second 16MB of the flash, and not the first.


      According to these links:

      1. QSPI boot / update | Zedboard

      2. https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/57744.html


      When we perform software reset the qspi nor should also get reset. In the schematics we see that the qspi nor reset pin is connected to the ps-srst pin.

      Is there any way we can achieve booting from qspi nor correctly on the picozed sdr?



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