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    Error in documentation for UltraZed-EV (and CC) regarding HD_SE_ pins




      My team found an error (unfortunately the hard way) in the documentaion for the UltraZed-EV regarding the banks that power certain HD_SE_ pins.



      The error is that both tables say pins HD_SE_[00:11]_P/N  go to bank 47 and HD_SE_[12:23]_P/N go to bank 48, which is wrong.


      They are swapped: bank 48 drives pins HD_SE_[0:11]_P/N and bank 47 drives pins HD_SE_[12:23]_P/N


      We found this out because we powered bank 47 with 1.8 V (using a custom carrier card) and found that several pins we constrained in Vivado 2019.2 to HD_SE_[00:11]_P/N were still powered at 3.3 V.


      There may be other tables floating around that show the incorrect banks for the HD_SE_* pins, but I'm not sure.


      Please fix for future designers.