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    Stuck on Experiment 11: Make Electronics


      I am working on experiment 11 and am stuck with a non-functioning project.  I substituted 0.1uF caps for the 3.3uF listed in the book as 0.1uF were the largest ceramic caps I have..maybe it won’t do anything I can see with 0.1uF’s?  Can I use polarized 3.3uF caps in this experiment? In any case the LED does not light up with the 0.1uF's.


      I checked the voltages at various points and  get 9V wherever there are connections to the ground rail. I also tested all of the transistors and LED in the previous experiment 10 which works.  I have rebuilt this one twice with same result and can’t see my mistake.


      I am hoping someone can spot what is wired incorrectly in my circuit, photos follow including schematic from book in this album:




      Robert Opalko