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      jc2048  wrote:


      Can I use polarized 3.3uF caps in this experiment?

      Positive to collector, negative to the base of the opposing transistor.


      Transistors: The Astable Multivibrator (Featuring SuperLEDman). 

      So, does it matter as long as both capacitors are oriented the same way?

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          Hi Robert,


          You should try it, and see what happens. If you don't have 10uF capacitors then three 3.3uF capacitors in parallel equals approx 10 uF. So, you could try just 3.3uF, observe the effect, and then add another in parallel to make 6.6uF, see what happens, and then try another, to combine to 9.9uF.

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            Sorry, I wasn't very clear. Yes, you can use a polarized capacitor. Just be sure to get the orientation right or you'll damage it. I gave the link to the blog so that you could see how I'd wired the electrolytics when I used the same circuit, in case you weren't sure from my words.


            As well as experimenting with the capacitor value, as Shabaz suggests, you could also try experimenting with the resistors that go from the base end of the capacitor to the supply. Don't go too wild, but maybe double the value and see what effect it has.

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