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    All projects and files give errors and wont open correctly


      I have a license for 1.4, and have been happily using the program for almost 2 years. I was last using it about 10 days ago.


      Today I went to open the program, and the program threw up a ton of errors about needing to recompile my libraries and 'File Type Not Recognized'.


      Now it will not open any file for any project that I have. Every schematic, board, library... you name it, nothing shows. All the files open as completely blank. Files are clearly listed in the projects panel. Opening files from history has the same result.


      All my files are backed up and opening them in notepad or Visual Studio shows they still have data in them, so this seems to be a problem with CS. How do I go about fixing this, reinstall? This is the first time I have run into a major issue with this software (my needs are simple) and I really can't afford to lose all my work, from all my projects.


      I have also received an error saying 'Exception EinOutError in module DXP.EXE at 005F17F3. I/O error 103'