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    No output from Hello World


      Hi everyone,


      I understand this is a very basic issue but I cannot seem to wrap my head around what is going on. So I've a ZedBoard and have made a basic design block which I've used to generate a bitstream and exported hardware with (in Vivado 2020.1). I then load that hardware with Vitis 2020.1 and create a Hello World project with the template. I have TeraTerm open on the side with the proper settings (115200, etc.) and have the proper drivers installed. I then Build the applcation and Run it as Debugger(GDB) and the program is uploaded to the ZedBoard fine. The blue LED for "Done" turns on and there is not output to TeraTerm. I've also used the built in terminal in Vitis to receive output and there is nothing either. I've checked the BSP settings and both stdin and stdout are set to UART1 as expected, yet nothing I try can get output. The only way i get anything to output is to boot from the provided SD Card where it boots up a minimal linux OS. I've gone through everything multiple time, used multiple variations of the design block and nothing can get any output for the Hello World project. Please help.