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    How to choose a battery to power Ultra96 board




      I would like to build a robot using Ultra96 board and I would like to know how to choose a battery instead of using the Power Supply Kit.


      In this UAvnet Ultra96-V2 Powered Turtlebot3 Burger Robotics Demo video I can see a Turtlebot robot using a battery and from this hackster project I have seen that they are using a Li-Po Battery 11.1V 1.800mAh.


      Are this kind of Li-Po batteries enough to power on the Ultra96 board? Don't I necessarily need 12V?


      I would like to use 12 Servomotors that works in a range of 4.8V to 6.8V, a camera using a mezzanine board and also DPU IP Core inside the FPGA. I experience some problem when using DPU in the past with Ultra96 board, so is 1.800mAh enough current?


      Thank you very much and regards!