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    Delta HMI RS485 Floating Point for Guage(Meter)

    Bhavik Bhansali

      Hello Members,

      Asking hello to all after a long time break from the forum. I am back here after almost 2-3 years. Now onward I am going to reactive in the blog.

      Today's question is about the HMI Screen design and showing data into it.

      HMI Details:
      Model: DOp-103BQ
      Software: DOPSoft 4.00.08

      I want to display a gauge (known as a meter in the software) with the floating-point value. As I am new to it and I tried but not able to get success for that. I tried it by taking the numeric display and with that, I am able to do that. So, is there anyone who can help me to solve my problem and help me to learn it?