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    Element14 and Firefox does not play along !


      Is it just me, but when I open multiple tabs on element14, like searching blog post, somethings happens ( at my work on powerful workstation or at home on again, quite powerful notebook) I get browser to hang, and usage of ram and CPU  goes to the roof !
      it start to use 17GB of memory, and it pins few CPU cores to 100%. I can repeat it each time. Never had this problems with any other website. Just try to open lets say all active roadtest pages, and it does that.

      So, is it just me, or we all have this problem (on Firefox, newest version) ?

      This does not happen to Chrome, so it's strange, something is clearly broken with my Firefox, or it is common problem.

      Thank you !

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          I don't seem to have this problem, tell me exactly how you open all active road test pages and I'll try it.



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            Dudley Nelson

            Hi Kilohercas ,


            I'm one of the development team for element14.com .


            I did the exact scenario you mention above - I went to the RoadTest group and opened all five currently enrolling RoadTests in separate tabs.



            I cannot see a large spike in CPU nor in RAM usage.


            We've not heard of anyone having issues with Firefox, and in the last 48 hours, over 8% of our traffic was using the Firefox 80.0.* browser. If we have a problem with Firefox, then that is a serious issue that we will want to solve fast!


            But it doesn't appear to be happening for me Can I confirm which Operating system you're on, just in case that's a factor?


            I'd also like to rule out a rogue or old extension if possible. Can you try this again in a private window and see if you can reproduce it there?


            The reason for a private window is to rule out extensions, and while by default private windows run without extensions, it is possible to configure Firefox to allow extensions access into private windows. If that's something you've done, you probably already know what you're doing with Firefox and know how to disable extensions.


            Either way, give it a go, see if it happens in a private window and let me know?




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                I was able to reproduce it just after reading this post. Id does not happen on Chrome, just in FireFox

                Here is unlisted video you can watch : (still processing, give some time)


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                    Dudley Nelson

                    Hi Kilohercas


                    I watched the video, that's definitely not what I'd expect to happen. That looks like something is running away with the memory.


                    After a few more attempts here, I've managed to reproduce, and my firefox is entirely vanilla. I don't have any extensions installed on my firefox.



                    I don't think this is us. I think this is a firefox issue. Having messed with it a bit more, I think this is mostly about the speed at which I am asking for tabs to be loaded in in the background. I've also noticed I do not get the problem at all in a private window, it is a lot more performant in a private window. Which is weird, because as I said, my firefox is entirely vanilla, I've disabled all plugins and extensions.


                    I've also noticed that it seems to be the initial render that is causing the CPU & memory spike. Because in this instance we open a whole bunch of tabs in a short amount of time, it looks like those spikes are layering on top of each other and this causes what you get in your video. As a result, I can get this to crash quite easily by speeding up how quickly I click.


                    It doesn't appear to matter what I click - it just needs to be a content heavy item (of which all our RoadTests are good examples) - but I have reproduced this in project14 as well, and also on facebook.


                    I've reported this to Firefox. I'm certain they will fix it in time.


                    In the mean time, I've not managed to reproduce it at all in a private window.



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                  I have different problems with different browsers.

                  With Firefox and MS IE not all clickable items work on all pages - I sometimes have to go to a different page to get the drop down menu from my name to work.

                  With Chrome on one of my computers page loading is extremely slow. (this happened immediately after a Windows upgrade) which is why I have been using Firefox.

                  With MS IE copy and pasting URLs doesn't always work.


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                    For a few days I needed to use a windows 7 device for my roadtest, used Firefox with the element14 sites. 10 tabs here open.


                    My laptop (it's really old), has a 1.6GHz dual core and 4gb ram(32 bits).


                    It's working fine.