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    PolyGon Pours


      Criei um pequeno projeto no CIRCUITSTUDIO (comprei há pouco tempo aqui mesmo NEWARK ) para testa a ferramenta PolyGon Pour consigo redimensionar até ai tudo bem, mas quando tento mudar o espaço entre PADS e NETS ( Clearance )

      o comando não funciona digitei vários valores nesta área ( ARC APPROXIMATION - MAXIMUM DEVIATION FROM PERFECT ) EX: 0.2mm, 0.4 ou 0.6 clik em ok e não muda nada

      criei uma regra conforme a imagem abaixo também não muda nada. alguém pode me informar o que está acontecendo.


      I created a small project in CIRCUITSTUDIO (recently bought here NEWARK) to test the PolyGon Pour tool  I can resize it so far so good, but when I try to change the space between PADS and NETS (Clearance) the command

      does not work I entered several values in this area  (ARC APPROXIMATION - MAXIMUM DEVIATION FROM PERFECT) EX: 0.2mm, 0.4 or 0.6 click ok and nothing changes

      I created a rule as the image below also does not change anything. can someone tell me what's going on.




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          The Polygon clearence have a dedicated clearence menu for it, it's on Plane -> Polygon Connect Style


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              I think the polygon connect style rule is only for control of the connection of pins to the polygon.


              To adjust the clearance of the polygon to other nets, polygons and such, you would use the clearance rules.  If you want a polygon to have its own special clearance then make a rule specific to the polygon by using the polygon classes.  Also, I suspect the issue with the problem is due to rule priority setting.


              Here is my rule that works for a simple design that has one polygon flood on the bottom layer.  I named it Clearance_Poly and set first object to Polygon Class and All Polygons.  Then set the clearance you want.  Also, set this to have priority over the default clearance.


              If you have other polygons with different needs you need to define polygon classes and add the polygons to the classes. This might be something like a class for polygons on the bottom layer or some that are specific to high voltage nets, for example.

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                  Also, since you are investigating use of CS and polygons you may want to know that; if you put a number of Polygon pours you may find you want to control the order of polygon pours.  CircuitStudio is a bit weak in this as compared to Altium Designer which has a pour manager tool.


                  CircuitStudio, does not have a pour manager tool and so you can work around this by sending polygons forward or back. Basically, pick the polygon and right click to get the context menus. Choose Polygon Actions and then either "Bring to front" or "Send to back".  This will control pour order on the layer.  I don't know of anyway to actual view and confirm the pour order though.  So, if you had a PCB with a lot of complex overlapping polygon pours you would need to be careful or pay for a more featured Altium Designer seat.