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    Sequentialy Controling Piface Outputs




      I'm a complete noob at Python, although do have a background in computer hardware and electronics.


      I have a Pi B+ and a PiFaceDigital 2 - all working fine and I can control each of the outputs from the emulator and the command line in code using one of the examples provided etc.


      I want to create a programe that does the following:


      1)     Wait for an input on one of the inputs (a push switch or similar - there will be four connected)

      2)     When a push switch is activiated, commence a sequence of turning each output on for 3 seconds then off before moving on to the next output for three seconds untill each output has been sequentually activated for three seconds then stop.


      I can control the outputs from the emulator and in code from the command line, but am struggling with the above sequence.


      As I'm a programming noob, I could do with seeing some examples of code - I'm quick to learn, and can adapt stuff, but I'm really struggling with putting this sequence together for the PiFaceDigital board.


      Any ideas? Help very much appreciated.