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    Horribly mishandled order from element14 (Order reference number: 20269225)


      I am posting this issue on community as customer service email/phone don't care to provide a single reply on this issue.

      Neither I can find email id or contact person who I can escalate the issue nor the social media handle on Linkedin/Twitter/Facebook of Element14/Farnell care to reply on the issue.



      The web-order was placed with Element14 on 6th Aug 2020 (While placing the order I have double checked that no components was backorder or out-of-stock).

      Order reference number is: 20269225

      I was expected to get all component delivery within 10 to 15 day (worst case because of COVID19). And have planned the production activity accordingly.

      Prefer to the image below for issue brief:





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      Following are the issue:

      1) Complete order is not received even after 41 days.

      2) Even after raising multiple concerns via email ), I have not received the a single reply from Element14 on this issue. Neither any information on the steps taken by E14 to ensure components are delivered on time and in correct manner.

      3) The production is stuck because of the delayed delivery. Even after multiple emails and phone conversation with E14 executive, explaining about the situation. E14 doesn't care for customers issue.

      4) For the re-reel components orders, components are sent to me in multiple small reel-cut packs (refer the above image).

      5) Components are delivered at wrong location: The order shipping address is Bangalore India, but WEB-20269225 shipment was send to Delhi, India (includes a one component from the Order reference number is: 20269225).

      6) Wrong information provided by E14 executive (: As per telephone conversation with E14 executive on 2nd week on Sept 2020, I was informed that all the components will be shipped on 14th Sept 2020. I rechecked over phone call on 15th Sept 2020 about the order and he confirmed that all the component will be shipped by end of day. Again a partial order was shipped to me. Upon checking the E14 order status, there are multiple parts (about 10 to 12) which are still not shipped to me. Additionally, I found that a new web order (WEB-20269225) has been created for 4 components out of original order, out of which few of them out-of-stock and have a follow-up date on mid Nov 2020. Please note that this is the situation for an order which was in stock at the time of order placement.

      7) After receiving multiple partial shipment on 31st August, I have request E14 via email ) to ship the pending order at once. Same has been communicated to E14 executive (Sreeram). Even today, I have been getting partial shipment email from Element14.

      8) Parts received are defective: refer image below:


      9) Wrong/miss-leading follow up date mentioned in the shipment emails for E14. Please refer the attached following snapshot.



      <Personally identifiable information removed>


      Such an unprofessional behaviour is unacceptable.

      Request you to provide me the date on which i can expect the complete order, as the production activity is on hold because of the delay.

      Also please raise issue highest level in the organization, so that corrective actions can be taken and other customer do not have to face similar issue.

      Please provide me the email/contact details of the person at AVENT/Element14/FARNELL whom i can raise the issue.