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    VDMA transferring data to undesired location in PSDDR



      I am working on a project with VCU. I would receive data on the PL side and transfer it to PSDDR using VDMA. I am using a Linux kernel driver to allocate DMAble contiguous memory using API, dma_allloc_coherent. And using the same driver for configuring the VDMA. But once the VDMA starts transferring data to PSDDR Linux OS hangs. While debugging the VDMA AXIMM transaction found out that while some transactions were to the desired locations in PSDDR some transactions were to an undesired location in PSDDR. I checked the configured values in VDMA and they are desired values. What could be the possible reason for this issue?


      Note:- I am working on UltraZed-EV System-on-Module Starter Kit.