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    petalinux 2020.1 board support package for uz3eg_iocc




      Is there a release upcoming of a petalinux 2020.1 board support package for the uz3eg_iocc development board?

      I noticed there are some directories already in github that suggest that people are working on it.

      Is there a date planned to release the result?





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          Hi there,


          Yes, we plan to release 2020.1 BSPs, including for the UZEG-IOCC.

          Yes, the preliminary files are posted, but I would strongly suggest you not use them yet.  While those files appeared to work fine with the HDL/PetaLinux side of things, we are going to be making some changes which are necessary for Vitis and Vitis AI 1.2 support.  Those changes root back in the HDL and PetaLinux repositories.

          We had plans to check out this week and post tags, but those changes have cost us some time.  I would expect if things go well, 1 week, if things go bad, 2-3 weeks.  No promises, as I'm sure you can appreciate, we do not know what we do not know.


          We also do not release tags until we have validated them.  That takes time as a release for us can be around 12 images and with the shared code, changing one can effect others - especially in the UltraZed family, but overall does save our customers that use multiple Designed by Avnet products a lot of development time.  Then, on top of that (which usually comes later) we have 8 Vitis images and 4 Vitis AI images.  Certainly not playing the pauper, just letting you know the level of effort so if I am wrong, there are no surprises ;-)