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    Raspberry Pi4 - Video Call Answering device to help non-techy-isolated people


      I've been working on this project, and am loving it! Hope more people can join this exploration and help me out by answering 2 questions:


      Jitsi Meet screen

      1. How to ask the browser to automate the "join meeting" button? I know there are python browser automation libraries but I don't know how to implement them.

      2. How to configure the device so that the Jitsi Meeting room can be remotely launched with cellular/GSM connections? It can now be connected with either ethernet or wifi.


      The video call function is working ok, but the user on the other end has to click the "join meeting" button. And if the connection is off for some reason (usually with wifi), I need to relaunch the app from Balena's dashboard or the user on the other end has to click the "join meeting" button AGAIN. It isn't ideal for isolated people who may never have the experience of using a mouse.


      Hope to hear from you!