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    Regarding the Avnet RFSoC Explorer


      Hello everyone! am a Masters student studying in Taiwan. Recently my lab bought Xilinx ZCU111 board loaded with the Qorvo RF front end.


      I am planning to verify frequency-hopping application on this board. But my question is, since the qorvo RF front end card has 2 channels that operate in and around the 1.8MHz band, how am I suppose to verify that a signal can hop at let's say 1200 MHz or 2200 MHz? Does it mean I can verify only by hopping close to 1842 MHz?


      And another question is, in the DAC tile drop-down menu, I see an option "From Simulink". When I select this option nothing happens. What does it do here?

      Thank you very much in advance. Waiting eagerly for answers.

      Special mention to mbrown since I believe you are the biggest name when it comes to Avnet RFSoC Explorer.