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    Petalinux 2020: Wrong PL Fabric Clock Frequency




      For my application, I set FCLK_CLK3 to 5 MHz in Vivado. This  clock is not activated in the default BSP provided by Avnet for Minized. When I run a bare metal application, it works perfect without any problem, however, in Linux application, I get a different frequency. My calculations show that it is set to 66.67 MHz.


      Based on what I have read in Xilinx Forum, the FPGA clock is set by FSBL, however, I don't know why it doesn't set my designated clock frequency. I use Avnet pre-built images along with the rootfs.wic file that I create with the petalinux. To program the FPGA, I am using Petalinux fpgautil.

      Does anybody know how to fix this issue or what I am doing wrong here?


      Is there any way to check and/or set the PL fabric clock frequency in Linux?


      Thank you,